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Thinking about getting a quote from a big box store? Forget it! The price quote will be outrageous.
You know a guy!

Have you received a quote on quality labor from another respected contractor? I will try and beat that price by 10%! Just Ask!

I have access to quality materials, direct from the manufacturer with full warranties!

We have a private showroom of flooring for you to browse, you can even take home samples!

Lower price than retail on material & labor!

Lifetime labor warranty on permanent flooring installations!

Floor Coverings Installed
by Eric Dixon

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Q. If I choose a retailer or big box store, who will be in my home?
No one knows!! Not even
the store!

A. When you hire us, you meet the installers before installation day!

Q. Can you save money on material and labor by hiring an independent flooring contractor?
A. Absolutely! I have a great relationship with a local wholesale distributor. They have a full show room that you are welcome to visit. They will give you a quote and you can pay them directly or I can bundle your entire material & labor package together. They even have financing available.

As an independent contractor, my own overhead is very low. I charge an honest wage, for honest work.

Q. When and how do I need to pay?
A. Where you buy the new flooring is up to you. Although I challenge you to find a better deal on your material, direct form the manufacturer!
Normally you pay for material up front. Labor is paid to me upon job completion and of course your approval.

I accept major credit cards, check, paypal and of course cash. You will receive a paid in full invoice detailing your job, along with the labor warranty.

Q. What's involved? How long does it take and who will be in my house?
A. All installations are physically done/supervised by me. This insures that your flooring is done correctly and with the utmost detail.